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Daniel Villeda, a certified personal trainer born in Los Angeles, enjoys competing in powerlifting and running along the beach with his dog Humperdink.

Diagnosed at an early age with asthma, he could not participate in sports as a youth. Determined to overcome his limitations, he joined a local gym at 17, working tirelessly on strengthening his cardiovascular system.

Later, he trained in kickboxing and grappling at Gracie Barra, a renowned Brazilian jujitsu school, and competed in MMA. As Daniel began to teach friends and family about self-defense and fitness, he left the corporate world to begin his career as a Personal Trainer in 2012.

After retiring from MMA he struggled to keep his diet in check, gaining over 30lbs. In January of 2018, he began his journey into losing weight with a sustainable method and mindset, which he utilizes in an advanced training system whenever he works with his clients.

Currently, he has developed a program that helps his clients overcome their own limitations, thus becoming stronger than ever – not only physically but mentally as well.

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